“Parents working together to enrich our children’s child care experience” is the Blake Center Parent Group’s motto.

B.C.P.G is an active group of parents working together with the staff to help make our center the best it can be. All parents/guardians are welcome to join. There are four parent volunteer positions for the following areas: Treasurer, Staff Appreciation, Children’s Activities and Fundraising. The majority of communication is done through email so that all parents can be actively involved and meetings can be planned as needed. All parents are welcome and encouraged to be as involved as they would like to be.

Surveys and activities descriptions are sent out to all parents asking for their input.

One representative from the group will be on the Child Care Committee, a committee of the Greater Morristown YMCA Board of Directors. The Child Care Committee, staff and parents evaluate the entire program annually. At that time, annual goals are set and carried out throughout the year.

When parents or guardians enroll their child at the Blake Center, they automatically become part of this outstanding group.