In our Toddler Program, we are laying the foundation for future math, science and language learning. We focus on helping your youngster develop confidence and independence while having fun in the comfort of their classrooms. Our highly experienced teachers provide a wide variety of hands-on activities for curious toddlers and a daily routine that is so critical at this age. Like all of our classrooms, our Toddler Program features a low teacher to child ratio (1 to 6), ensuring individualized instruction and plenty of caring attention for your child.

Our toddler classrooms feature toys for exploration and learning in a safe, nurturing environment. Understanding that your toddler might be in the “me stage”, we are sure to keep many of the same toys on hand so each youngster can have one. Appreciating that children are also naturally curious at this age, we foster that desire by exploring nature arouns us. During the spring we watch fitshand the cycle of nature when we take part in a center-wide butterfly and baby chick exploration, which includes chicks hatching in the center so your child can witness the wonder firsthand.

Teachers read oodles of stories to encourage language and expression during this critical stage of verbal development. Each day, small circle time will include stories, songs, finger plays, and guidance in using words to express feelings, socialize and share with friends. Our music teacher provides many opportunities for singing, dancing and movement with scarves to keep children engaged and physically active. Your toddler will also stay active in our indoor gym by riding scooters and bouncing balls. Fresh air fun is also a critical part of each toddler’s day. The children have time to run and play in the safe space of our outside playground.

Quiet time, nap time, and free time for child-directed activities and play are a part of each day. Daily reports inform parents of your child’s napping, eating, diaper changes, potty trips and training, teacher comments, and unusual or special events.

Toddler II classrooms have appropriately sized bathroom facilities to encourage potty training when ready and good hygeine habits.