At the Blake Center, we understand how important the early years are in the lifelong learning and development of your child. The daily activities of the Preschool Program are designed within a caring, secure environment and are adapted for each child’s developmental stage and individual needs. Our state approved curriculum will challenge and familiarize your preschooler with structured and unstructured activities, quiet and active time, large and small groups, one-on-one relationships, and large and fine motor skills. An emphasis on individualized attention is placed in all of our preschool classrooms with a staffing ratio that meets or exceeds age appropriate ratios.

Children learn by being active, playing, asking questions, and engaging with other children and teachers in varied activities. During the day your child will:

  • Run, Hop, Throw, Catch and Balance in our indoor gym and our outdoor play space
  • Read and listen to stories in a group and on their own
  • Engage their minds and imaginations through blocks, puzzles, games and free play
  • Enjoy music and art enrichment activities
  • Explore new and exciting concepts in our Discovery Science program
  • Learn about healthy lifestyles through our Color Me Healthy program
  • Swim – Full time children in Preschool II and Preschool III are given free swim lessons at the Greater Morristown YMCA next door
  • Sports Skills – Taught by Mr. Juan. Children will practice their coordination, balance, sharing and teamwork skills in a fun sports setting
  • Dance classes – Movement and music help children gain confidence, focus and use their artistic expression. For some, it’s a great way to burn off some energy! (there is an additional fee for this program)
  • All activities are planned with the goal of helping children develop independence, maintain self-control, and acquire new skills. Throughout the day, your preschooler will be encouraged to think logically, use his/her imagination, and work and share with other children. Each child will have access to a variety of teaching materials and will learn through playing, counting, sorting, listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Special activities include parent luncheons, parenting workshops, visits from community helpers, and holiday activities. Field trips include pumpkin picking, apple picking, plays, and outings to local museums and parks on the Center’s bus driven by a licensed YMCA employee. Depending on your child’s age and days of attendance, gym classes, and music lessons are also available. The Center provides your preschooler with two healthy snacks each day, including fresh fruit and vegetables. Friday is free pizza lunch for all our preschoolers.

The partnership between teachers and parents is critical for understanding each child and providing a program that is best-suited to every preschooler. We encourage you to attend Back to School Night in the fall to discuss the Preschool Program and how to get the most out of your child care experience. A daily report from the preschool teacher will update you on your child’s special activities and any unusual experiences. Parent/teacher conferences twice per year also give teachers the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress and review the assessment of all areas of their development. This is an opportunity for you, as a parent, to share important information with the teacher about your preschooler’s behavior, and what is happening at home. Our goal is to help your child develop a positive self-concept, ensuring that he/she is a happy, self assured future learner.